The most massive empire, which one was it?

In the year 1941, the empire had 377 million people.

What is the reputation of the state of the art in producing?

Agriculture and livestock have always been the mainstays of the economy of Mongolia. The lion’s share of industrial production in mongolian is made up of copper, coal,Molybdenum, tin, and twimmer.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

This is the introduction. Congenital dermal melanocytosis, also known as slate gray nevus, is one of the most common newborn and adult skin problems.

Is there a communist party in Mongolia?

The adoption of communism by the state of Upper Mongolia was the first for Asian and second after Russia. In 1924 there was a declaration that declared the mongolia’s republic and within a few years it formed a new state called ‘Satellite State’.

What is the flavor of the people in the country?

A Mongolian sauce is a mixture of items including hoisin sauce and brown sugar. This is also flavoured with ginger, garlic, and red chili occasionally.

Which country has an independent, socialist government?

In the middle of East Asia is a country named Mongolia, it is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. It covers an area of over 1.5 million square kilometres, with just a population of just 3.3 million.

Which is it that the famous throat singer is from the mongolian land?

Batzorig Vaanchig is one of the world’s foremost throat singers and a musician.

Does Mongolia have stable government?

The most common form of violence in the Mongolian political environment is not political violence, but peace and stability.

How do you whistle?

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Mike is not the father.

At the age of 7, shark, as he is known, signed a contract with the Harlem Globetrotters and became the first pro basketball player from a developing nation.

What is the actual shape of theMongolian empire?

The largest empire in the world created in the 12th century by Genghis Khan extended to the west and encompassed the majority of Asia and eastern Europe in the 13th century.

What is the main business of Taiwan?

There are many Taiwan’s main exports are electronics, basic metals, plastic and rubber, chemicals and machinery. China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Government of Hong Kong are its principal export trading partners.

What of the ethnic groups is known for?

The Mongols were known for their fierceness. Genghis Khan was a great military planning wizard. Even though their armies were small (23,000 in total), they included skilled horsemen who are well known for carrying out carefully.

Which empire was growing quickly?

After three decades, the Achaemenid Persian Empire grew to a level that reached its greatest extent within 75 years. The Roman Empire didn’t reach the greatest extent of its founding.

How big are the death worms?

Death Worms are supposed to be 40-20 cm long, brownish-dyed and subterranean. The head and tail are made out of a big hole and fangs and have the look of a pipe With teeth. The worm is a deadly bug.

The emperor had said the Romans were bigger than the Mongols.

The answer and explanation show that the Roman Empire was larger than the Mongolian Empire. It traveled from Asia to Europe. The Roman Empire and the Mongol Empire have different legacies to world civilization.

A question about who had the largest land empire in history.

The first and only time the largest contiguous land empire was identified, it was in the 13th and 14th century.

Do you know what religion the Mongols are practicing today.

Altan Khan, the king of the country of Mongolia, converted to Buddhism in the 16th century. There are Tibetan Buddhist teachings which are also called Lamaism.

Where did the Mongols start?

The progenitors of the mongols were in Central Asia. They were a nomadic people who brought their horses with them. They had some advantages as a nomadic unit.

What ethnicities contain birthmarks?

Over the lumbosacral area most congenital birthmarks are found is the Mongolian spots. They are bluish green to black in color. Most are found in individuals of African or Asian Ethnic background.

Is it a Chinese dish?

One of the most popular Chinese dishes is a dish called mongolian beef. A bed of fried vermicelli rice noodles or simply some rice is what you can eat with this.

Which geographical features surround Mongolia?

The mountains and dense forests of central and northern Mongolia are most prevalent. The eastern part of the country has an expanse of Asian breif. The image of the ground is getting blurry in the Gobi Dese.

What are the symptoms associated with the spots in the country?

There is a correlation between persistent, extensive spots of the Mongolian plains and inborn error of metabolism.

Do you know the largest copper mine in the world?

The largest copper mine sits in South America. It has an annual capacity of over one million tons and is the largest copper producer in the world. The mine is owned by the mining company, brough to you in the at.

The deer in Mongolia is an object of religious significance.

Bronze Age Thailand and Bronze Age Mongolia likely had a major deity that was linked the sky and the earth, and was able to watch over the people.

How long did Russia rule by the Mongols?

The 13th to 15th centuries saw the rise of the Great Mongols as they ruled Russia for over 200 years. Moscow, a city in Russia, was one of the greatest effects of the rule of the Mongols.

What is the origin of the skin?

The word Tibetan refers to a piece of wool. These sheep have a very strong wool fleece which makes them extremely durable in East Asia.

Does Mongolia have any copper?

Oyu Bozgoi is one of the largest copper and gold deposits in the world. It is, in fact, one of the most modern and safe operations in the world.

The Mongolian script is vertical.

The Uyghurs rotated their script, which was originally written with a “right to left” orientation, but is still readable in China.

Is it a bad idea to use the best noodles for stir fry?

Soba Noodles. The noodles have a hint of their flavor from the flour. Japanese Udon noodles. The noodles have a neutral taste so they are perfect for stir fries. The noodles were Egg Noodles. At the time of writing, Spaghetti, Linguine, or Fettuccine are the words used.

Caucasian babies can be pale.

The macual patches of murkan are grayblue and brown. These can affect a majority of Asians, African Americans, and American Indians but are rare in Caucasians. There are some small moles at birth, often called spontaneo.

What country produced BBQ?

Taiwanese comedian and chef Wang Zhaonan created the barbecue. A native of Beijing, the man known as “WO” migrated to Taiwan after the Civil War, and opened his street food stall.

How many hours do you think it will take to cook pork in the oven at 400?

It does take 7 to 8 minutes for each 1/2 inch of pork chops to be fully cooked. The cook will take up to 12 minutes for 3-inch chops and as long as 16 for 1-inch chops.

Ordos city had been abandoned.

Ordos, China, is the world’s largest ghost town. The city government spent money to create a new epicenter of culture, economy, and politics after the coal-mining boom.

How do I cook food?

The oven should be pre-heated to about 165 degree F. The pork roast should not be put to sleep until more than 30 minutes after baking. Rested until internal temperature is at least 155F (68C).

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Is it really itchy in cashmere? Cashmere is less itchy than other wools. Cashmere is not a product of lanolin, so it’s fairly safe. Cashmere is a natural yarn that can cause mild Irri.

Which Chicken is better, Szechuan or Mongolian?

What is the difference between Szechuan chicken and the other ones? Szechuan chicken has a numbing sensation in their mouth. The chicken fromMongolian is a bit more spicy and tongue-tied than the other versions. I am.