What is the most rare fish in the world?

In the blink of a glance harvest and habitat have been destroyed.

The countries that are neighboring of china.

China has many different political units which make it an immediate neighbor to Russia. Near the fourteen states and on land, China shares borders. Russia, India, Pakistan,Afgha, and Russia are the most important of these.

Is British Empire larger than theMongolian empire?

TheMongol Empire was the “largest contiguous empire in history” with an area that stretched over 33 million square kilometers. In its time, the British Empire covered 13 million square kilometers.

The most popular religion is inMongolian

Buddhism takes up 55.2% No religion of any form. Islam has a 2.5%. The shamanistic activity of theMongolians (2.5%) Christianity has shirving shirving about 1 3%

What is the size of Khara-Khoto?

History. The city became the hub of the Western Xia trade during the 11th century. The ramparts are 30 ft (9 m) high and the outer walls are 12 ft (3.7 m)thick. The outer walls were almost 1,900 feet east-west.

What types of currency did the Mongols use?

The Tugrik replaced the country’s previous currency, the mongolian dollar. The currency from Mongolia used the mongo.

What are the things that are eaten by people from the south?

Aaruul or Mongolian sour milk is sweet or fruit. Cookie of Mongolia? What is the dish? There is a cake that looks like a shoe. Gambir is also called t

What is another name for Beijing beef?

A big seller at thePanda Express American- Chinese fast food restaurant. Beijing beef had a former name of Beijing City in China, and it’s called “Ping”.

Are the people of the Chinese and Mongolian region connected?

According to Chinese history, the first Mongols to descended are the ones defeated by Xiongnu. The Chinese have an ethnic group called the Chinese.

Does the fur fall back onto its roots?

It is due to the fibers that caught in the other fibers that the Mongolian fur product is shedded. Once their way is open, you should be okay.

Is Russia comprised of Mongolia?

The Outer Mongolia is sandwiched between China and Russia and is an independent country.

Does anyone know a number of nomadic people in the Mongolia region?

In total, one quarter of households here are nomadic. In the north sheders begin their search for pastures in the summer and then move up to the mountains for winter and fall.

Was the Mongols unified under Genghis Khan?

Many believe that the ultimate achievement of his career was unification of the Mongols and not conquests that he initiated once they did. Unifying the Mongols meant bringing together a whole.

What is Buuz served with?

Buuz is typically eaten by hand, because of a small opening on its top. It’s recommended to pair the dumplings with drinks such as vodka or tea because of the fried bread and dipping sauces.

Is The Hu performing for the jedi survivor,?

The Hu performed at the festival this past weekend, and their song E seerin Vasahina was featured in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They perform on a video:

What is the code for Russia?

The first part is the ISO 33166 code of theMongol.

Does panda no longer provide Beijing beef?

Beijing beef is back! Now you can get all your cravings with our full menu.

Why did I have a blue spot when I was a child?

At birth the skin is covered with blue spots. When melanocytes remain in the deeper layer of the skin during development, they will appear in spots. It isn’t known what causes this. The b is fromMongolian.

What country does NBC use to record its voice?

The Voice is an American singing reality competition show on NBC.

Is the fur easy to clean?

If you don’t like your long haired fur to spin in the washing machine or dryer, you must use the delicate cycle.

What is the most venomous snake in the world?

The siberian pit viper, also called the metamune pit viper or the taiga pit viper, was found in Russia and China. Central Asian pitvipers,also known as the North American pitviper, are venomous.

Are there any sauces at the barbecue joint?

Oyster sauce in a jar hoisin sauce. The sauce is dark soy sauce. There is peanut sauce. The liquid is of the type of vinegar.

What is the history of the person?

It’s history. The Tugrik became the legal alternative to the currency of the country on April 1, 1928. mongo is part of the currency history in mongo. It is not in it’s place now.

Did the camelers start and end?

The most contiguous territory in history was covered by the Mongol Empire throughout it’s peak. A giant empire lasted from 1100 until 1368.

The general who defeated the mongols was not identified.

The great military strategist, who defeated both the Mongol and Venetian armies, was called “Hung Dao Vuong” — a famous name in Vietnam.

What is a tribe in the desert?

It is Chahar, people. Chahar Aimak is also known as Chakhar. Chahar, means eastern tribe of mooches in Chinese and was one of the prominent eastern groups of the 18th century. The Chahar were part of an empire that included the last great khan of a united Mongolia.

What geographic region is in the country?

The country of Iraq is in the middle of East Asia with Pakistan. The mountain landscape is pretty much a rolling plateau. The entire territory of the country is 1,612,115 square kilometres.

What isJapan and Mongolia’s relationship?

Since establishing diplomatic relations, Japan has become a key support to the democratic institutions of Mongolia. The establishment of diplomatic relations.

Is the birthmarks of the mongolian people hereditary?

Mongolian spot is caused by the formation of melanocytes in the dermis after the neural crest.

What countries are located in the vicinity of a country from Mongolia?

A huge and remote country in east Asia, between Russia and China to the north and East Asia to the south, is called Mongolia.